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No matter who you are or how you got here, tax audits can be scary. When you’ve worked as hard as you have, the IRS can’t tear you down — not with a tough, trained, and experienced team in your corner.


Tax Audits: We’re on Your Side

Tackling a tax audit alone is a daunting task. As a team of IRS-enrolled agents and tax attorneys, we’ll fight your case with the same grit you’d bring yourself. With our resources, expertise, and track record, you have all the backing you need to breathe a little easier. We’ll find every avenue to:

  • Minimize your liability
  • Maximize your credit deductions
  • Secure your best outcome

Audit Support to Defend What You Value Most

Dealing with a tax audit can be incredibly stressful. Frankly, the IRS or state taxation authority doesn’t really care about you or the particulars of your situation. Here at Tax Relief USA, however, we understand that life is complicated and doesn’t always proceed according to plan. 

Our tax experts work tirelessly to defend our clients against tax audits, with clear goals in mind to protect what is most important to you: your life, your business, and your family. We make sure to take the time to listen to you and understand your specific situation and concerns, and we work together to build a plan that is best for your individual needs.

Audit Defense Responsibilities

When we represent our clients for tax audits, we cover a number of key responsibilities to ensure your best result:

  • Handle all communication with the IRS or state taxing agency
  • Answer all questions on your behalf
  • Challenge the IRS’ approach and position when needed
  • Provide all documents needed throughout your audit
  • Meet face-to-face with the IRS to resolve any issues
  • Conduct negotiations and claims
  • Appeal your case if necessary

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Penalties and Interest

If you have overdue tax payments, penalties and interest will almost certainly accrue against you. Our team of tax experts can work with you and the IRS or state to help reduce or waive both penalties and interest.

Appealing Your Tax Audit

If you’ve already been audited, our team can jump in to help you file an audit appeal. We’ll look over your audit for free and let you know what can be done and how we can help.


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Marcelle and Natalia are two of the best tax professionals I have ever worked with. Both of them have done an excellent job helping me fix years of backlogged tax discrepancies. They were thorough, patient, and even checked with me months afterwards to make sure everything was ok. Highly recommended!!!

Ali A.
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