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State Tax Issues

State tax issues require specialized expertise due to the nuance and complexity of state laws. Our Enrolled Agents are licensed by the U.S. Treasury to practice in every state in the U.S., and we’re here to help.


Comprehensive Coverage

Many common misconceptions accompany state tax issues. Most people don’t realize that if you owe taxes to the IRS, it’s very likely that you also owe your state. Further, resolving your tax problems with the IRS won’t do anything to take care of state tax issues, and vise versa. 

Addressing both federal and state tax issues is vital to a comprehensive strategy to protect individuals, families, and businesses.

State-Specific Considerations

Taxpayers should be aware of important distinctions between federal and state tax collections. State taxing authorities, due to their limited budgets and smaller organizational size, are often even more aggressive and faster than the IRS when it comes to collections, liens, levies, and garnishments. 

Having access to state-specific expertise is vital if you’re facing an unexpected tax bill from your state. Tax laws, collection procedures, requirements, penalties, and interest vary widely from state to state, and it’s imperative to know exactly what you’re up against.

The Tax Relief Process

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We understand that tax issues with the IRS are the last thing you want to deal with, and that this is an incredibly stressful situation. We make it a priority to get back to you right away, offering same-day tax relief.

Group 38 Personalized Strategy

With deep understanding of tax law and the nuances of your situation, we uncover every available option and build a plan completely tailored to you and your individual circumstances.

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I don't know what I would do without the tremendous help I received from Tax Relief USA. I had a ton of questions and didn't know where to go or what to do but they answered everything. They took very good care of me and I'm so grateful for everything they've done. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can finally breathe. If you're looking for a great personalized experience, answers to all your tax questions, and help in getting you on the right track, Tax Relief USA is the right place. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone I know!

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