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11 Jun 2012

What to expect when hiring a tax relief professional

There are plenty of people who owe taxes, but there are very few who know whom to look to for help.

Everybody knows what a tax preparer is, and everyone understands at least the generalities of what it takes to prepare a tax return. Even if someone lacks the ability to prepare their own taxes, they at least have some concept of what their tax preparer is doing for them: the tax preparer will follow a strict set of rules and guidelines to go through your financial information for the year to arrive at a determination of how much you owe to the IRS or the state.READ MORE

22 May 2012

Self-employed? Don’t get audited!

When people think of the IRS, there is one word that people dread above all others: audit. Being audited by the IRS is analogous to getting a root canal from your dentist, in that it’s the worst thing that can happen with that person or service. Many different kinds of people can be audited, but one of the biggest targets for an audit are the self-employed.READ MORE