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Tax Relief

Tax Relief is our specialty! We help clients nationwide and have affordable options to represent clients. Our mission is to help every business, individual, or couple to solve their tax problems. 

We can help you get Tax Relief and IRS Debt relief by solving your problems with the IRS. An EA or a Tax Attorney will personally represent you before the IRS. We can negotiate your tax settlements and unpaid back taxes with the IRS. Our team has an 'A+' rating with the BBB, Better Business Bureau, with 0 complaints. You can be sure that our team works hard to keep our reputation. 

Our services staff includes a senior tax accountant, a Bookkeeper, an Enrolled Agent, and a tax attorney. They all work together to make sure to save you any penny.

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How much can you save me?

That depends on your case, but we will not take a client unless we believe we can save more for them than our fees. For cases where the tax debt is less than $10,000 we can point you in the right direction to try a DIY approach.

Do you offer financial aid?

We know clients are already in a bad place financially, we can work with clients to minimize our fees and also set up payment plans so they can take their time to pay us if necessary.

What's Tax Relief?

It can be scary being behind on tax payments but remember that millions of Americans have dealt with owing back taxes at one point or another. For years we’ve represented folks that have been in the same position as you. We’ll represent you and take over all communication between you and the taxing agency while finding you the best possible resolution.