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Our tax attorney is available to help. We can do far more for you than help file your income taxes. We can can offer you guidance that helps you save thousands of dollars in the filing of your taxes. We can represent you before the IRS, or State taxing Agency.

If you're facing something more serious he may help you deal with an audit notice from the IRS. When you feel like the IRS is pursuing an invalid claim against you, a tax lawyer can be your advocate in tax court.

Our tax attorney has worked with the IRS before, even making representations for them (the IRS) in court. He can be your advocate.

Client Benefits

When you begin working with us, your case resolution process begins right away. All communications between you and the IRS will be sent directly to us. The government has trained professionals pursuing you- You should have experienced professionals representing you.

Our Office in Sunnyvale, California

You don't have to be in driving distance of our Sunnyvale office. We work with clients all around the world.

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Sunnyvale Tax Office

Best Tax Attorney Around.

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How Tax Relief USA's Attorney can help you.

  • File an appeal of an administrative decision.
  • Communicate with IRS officials on your behalf.
  • Help your business save money.
  • Help you take advantage of tax credits.
  • Represent you in front of the IRS or Franchise Tax Board.
  • Represent you in Tax Court.


We represent our clients with passion. We bring experience to the table, and we get our clients a best case resolution.

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