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Audit Representation

Our IRS licensed Enrolled Agent and Tax Attorney will be your advocates and present your case to the IRS in the best way possible. We will minimize your liability and deliver the best possible outcome for your audit.

We know what to say and what not to say in an audit to make sure your audit is as pain -free as possible and to ensure you are treated fairly. Bring your audit letter into our office for a free consultation and we'll advise you on how to proceed.

Don't go through an audit alone

Audits suck. They're especially hard if it's your first one (or even second or third). We've handled hundreds of audits so having a representative who's trained and experience will ensure you are being treated fairly.


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Tax Audit Appeals

Already been Audited? Tax Relief USA can help you file an Audit Appeal. We'll look over your Audit for free and let you know if anything can be done.


How our services help:

Having  representative to handle all communications between you and the IRS is key to making sure you are not leaving money on the table (or worse). 

  • Taking control over all communication between you and the IRS or State taxing agency
  • Challenging the Agents approach, and position on the case if needed
  • Answering all questions on your behalf
  • Making sure that all documents needed are included
  • Meeting with the Agents to resolve issues
  • Dealing with any of the issues involved
  • Negotiation and Claims
  • Appeals

Call our office for a free consultation: (408) 737-2115

Payment plans and financial assistance is available. We don’t charge by the hour which our clients have found saves them money.