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In this scenario the IRS will send you a notice saying that you owe them back taxes. This is usually the start of a very slippery slope. The IRS will start charging you interest and late fees (just like a bank). They expect you to write them a check and avoid any further penalties- but once you have gotten to this point a full payment usually isn’t an option. The worst thing that you can do is ignore them because you will find yourself owing more and more. CALL 1(877)TAX-9882 for a free consultation. Depending on your situation we will determine the best steps to take. Many of our clients end up qualifying for an offer in compromise.
Yes! We have a very quick and cheap solution available to help you depending on your financial situation. Sometimes we can get you back on track within just a few hours!
You can either meet with us in person or over the phone. We will then go over your case to determine the best steps to be taken. This is consultation is completely free, and all your information will be kept 100% confidential. You make no commitment and if you decide you do not want representation, we will not keep any of your files, records, or information.
Each person has a unique tax issue. We can resolve a few issues in 24 hours while some complex cases may take months of negotiations and paperwork with the IRS. We keep our fees low and offer payment plans. We will not charge you until we start working on your case, and we will let you know how much it will cost during your Free Consultation.
Absolutely. We are here to help get you back on track. Most of our clients are in a financial bind due to owing back taxes so are glad to accept set up an interest free payment schedule to help you afford our fees.

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