Owe Back Taxes?

Many Americans find themselves owing more money in taxes than they can afford. We turn complicated and stressful situations into manageable ones.

Tax Representation

The government has trained professionals going after you, we level the playing field for our clients with a personal touch.

Clear Results

We set clear goals to reach a tax relief resolution before we start working on any case. Our clients know exactly what’s going on and what steps we will take to get them the relief that they need.

Tax Management and Planning

Taxes can be extremely complicated and confusing, IRS agents themselves even get confused occasionally. Our experience in solving tax issues allows us to develop and plan clear road maps for tax relief.


You don’t have to be in driving distance of our office to work with us. We serve clients that live inside and outside the U.S.A. We’re willing to hear anyones case 1(408)737-2115

About Us

We are a team of individuals working together to help tax payers get out of messy tax situations. Since we’ve seen just about every worst case scenario and the mistakes that tax prepares have made to cause them, we’ve gotten the ability to guide people through the ins-and-outs of taxes.


Our services include

Audit Representation

Back Tax Reduction & Management

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Offer in Compromise

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